file1 [ faıl ] noun count ***
1. ) a set of papers, documents, or records that you keep because they contain information:
The insurance company may want to check your medical files.
file on: The police file on this particular case has now been closed.
keep/hold a file on something/someone: The company keeps personal files on all its employees.
on file (=kept in a file): We have all your details on file.
a ) a set of information on a computer:
First, you have to create a new file.
I've forgotten the file name.
2. ) a box or container in which papers are kept together
3. ) a metal tool used for making wood or metal smooth
4. ) a line of people walking or standing behind each other
file 2 [ faıl ] verb **
1. ) transitive to put a document into a container with other documents:
Please file the invoices in chronological order.
file something under something: Letters of complaint are filed under problems.
2. ) intransitive if people file somewhere, they walk there in a line:
The soldiers filed past the podium.
file into/across etc.: Students were filing into the lecture hall.
3. ) file or file down transitive to rub something with a metal tool in order to make it smooth or to cut it:
She sat quietly filing her nails.
file through something: They had somehow managed to file through the metal bars.
4. ) transitive to take official action, for example to make an official complaint:
The family has filed a lawsuit against the company.
a ) to send something official, for example a report to a newspaper
,file a`way phrasal verb transitive
to put a document away in a file:
All the relevant documents are filed away with the property deeds.
,file `down phrasal verb transitive
same as FILE 2 3:
File the edges down in order to give a smooth finish.
`file for phrasal verb transitive
file for something to officially ask a court for something, for example ask them to give you a DIVORCE or state officially that you are BANKRUPT

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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